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RB4 - The Tools for Good Works


RB4 - The Tools for Good Works - Jan Rossey

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RB4 - The Tools for Good Works - hardback


Handlettered and illustrated by Father Jan Rossey,

a monk of Caldey Abbey.


An illustrated version of Chapter 4 of the Rule of St Benedict

Traditionally known as ''The Tools for Good Works''


Jan Rossey's brilliantly original illustrations, based on everyday household tools, bring a fresh and contemporary dimension to the age-old wisdom of St Benedict's Rule.


The Rule was written for monks, but as Fr Jan says in his introduction: ''I think that everyone can find in this collection guidelines for a good, sociable life''.


This unique book is both lighthearted and profound and can be enjoyed, not just by those who are deeply religious, but by anyone who thinks about life. The wisdom of St Benedict has a universality which goes far beyond monasticism and even Christianity. The lighness of touch of Jan Rossey's expressive art helps to carry St Benedict's message to that wider audience.



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