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Caldey Abbey Perfumes - The Fragrances

NUMBER ONE: Elegant and light - delicately balanced with undertones of jasmine and rose

ISLAND BOUQUET: Smooth and luxurious - a deliciously rounded perfume with a classic floral bouquet

ISLAND GORSE: The aroma of gorse - capturing the rich wild sweetness of spring

ISLAND FERN: Crisp and fresh - a leaf green fragrance with a breath of woodland magic

ISLAND MADRIGAL: Subtle and sophisticated - with an enticing hint of spice

BROCADE: Alluringly feminine - with a woody tang and a touch of tropical mystery

ISLAND LAVENDER: The timeless scent of lavender - beautifully balanced for freshness and depth

ISLAND ROSE: The classic fragrance of roses in summer

CALDEY FOR MEN: Wholly masculine - blending subtle strength with restained notes of incence and spice

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